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Cedar Rapids Community School District buses at the Education Leadership Support Center in Cedar Rapids on Thursday, August 7, 2014.

The Gazette Corridor schools at top of AP test ranking

High schools in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City are among the top schools in the state for advanced placement test participation, an annual ranking released Tuesday by the University of Iowa College of Education's Belin-Blank Center shows.

UI presidential search committee to meet on May 8

The second meeting of the University of Iowa Presidential Search and Screen Committee has been set for Friday, May 8, from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in the Kelch Conference Room, Room 1289 of the Carver Biomedical Research Building (CBRB) on the UI campus.
self healing catilage gel

UI team developing bioactive gel to treat knee injuries

Injectable gel encourages self-healing of cartilage
UI orthopedic researchers are developing an injectable, bioactive gel that encourages self-healing of cartilage. If they are successful, the gel could represent a minimally invasive, practical, and inexpensive approach for repairing damaged cartilage and preventing osteoarthritis.
Phil Was Here sign on the Pentacrest

Phil was...everywhere!

Fourth annual Phil's Day highlights the impact of philanthropy on campus
There’s no other day during the school year when philanthropy—nicknamed “Phil” by the University of Iowa Foundation’s Student Philanthropy Initiative—is more visible than on Phil’s Day, which took place on Thursday, April 30—the fourth annual celebration of philanthropy on the UI campus.
woman using smartphone while at a crosswalk with oncoming traffic in a simulation environment

UI studies safer road use by texting pedestrians

Would you trust a warning sent by a car?
University of Iowa experts are conducting research to determine whether college students and others will pay attention to a system that alerts individuals to potential traffic danger as they are texting and walking along roadways.
Boat enters Grand Canal in Venice, Italy

Mural lands in Venice

Painstaking attention to detail is required when moving "Mural," Jackson Pollock's mammoth Modern masterpiece, under normal circumstances. That effort is exponentially greater when the waterways of Venice are involved.

Dance undergraduates to showcase their work May 7-9

Undergraduate dance majors in the University of Iowa Department of Dance will have the opportunity to present their choreography to the public during the Undergraduate Concert at 8 p.m. Thursday-Saturday, May 7-9, in Space Place Theater, 101 North Hall.

New York Times The brain of a tinnitus sufferer

UI neuroscience researcher, Phillip Gander, discusses findings from a rare opportunity to record directly from the brain of a person with tinnitus, which shed light on the brain networks responsible for this condition.