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Anthropocene, front and center

Obermann symposium March 5-7 to offer rich selection of lectures, performances, and art related to "Age of Man"
If a geological age can have a “moment,” the Anthropocene is having its right now. Increasingly popular and recognizable, the term was coined 15 years ago by Nobel laureate and atmospheric chemist Paul Crutzen to denote the present geological time interval. The Anthropocene will be front and center at a three-day interdisciplinary Obermann symposium on the UI campus, March 5-7.
Ingrid Ukstins Peate and a student overlook the Laguna Lejia area.

Researcher finds Chilean clues to Earth's climate change history

Sediment samples from an Andean lake can fill in data about the Younger Dryas
A picturesque Chilean lake may hold the clues to one of Earth's largest climate change events, and give scientists predictions about future climate change. A group of University of Iowa researchers digs through the evidence.

UI to establish dedicated energy crops in eastern Iowa

A big step forward in energy sustainability
The University of Iowa will soon be growing its own crop dedicated entirely to creating energy. The plant—a sterile hybrid grass called Miscanthus—will be harvested and used to supply power, steam, and chilled water to the main campus.
The Student Experience - Allison Kindig

The Student Experience: Allison Kindig

Cedar Rapids engineering major develops solar stoves in India
Allison Kindig did her homework before coming to the University of Iowa. Four years later, the Cedar Rapids Kennedy graduate's preparation is still paying dividends.
An aerial photo of a farm in the Midwest that is flooded

Study finds Midwest flooding more frequent

Research covered more than 50 years of data in 14 states
A University of Iowa study that looked at daily records collected by the U.S. Geological Survey at 774 stream gauges in 14 states found that over the last 50 years, the Midwest and surrounding states have been experiencing a larger number of big flood events.
Iowa Now Minute - 2/5/15

Iowa Now Minute - 2/5/15

Roundup of UI activities, research, public engagement, and campus life
"Iowa Now Minute" is a 60-second roundup highlighting recent UI activities, research, public engagement, and campus life. Look for a new video every Thursday.