New York Times The brain of a tinnitus sufferer

UI neuroscience researcher, Phillip Gander, discusses findings from a rare opportunity to record directly from the brain of a person with tinnitus, which shed light on the brain networks responsible for this condition.

Preeclampsia research launches UI into new national network

UI is one of four centers involved from across the country
The University of Iowa has been working for years to find a cure for preeclampsia. That ongoing research has led the university to a spot in a four-center Strategically Focused Network on Hypertension created by the American Heart Association (AHA).
Hubble Telescope floating above Earth.

Celebrating 25 years of Hubble: researchers share notable space photos

UI researchers comment on some of their favorite photos taken by the Hubble Space Telescope
Hubble turns 25, and University of Iowa researchers share some of the pictures they've been able to snap in the telescope's lifetime.

In search of tinnitus, that phantom ringing in the ears

UI scientists 'piggyback' on specialized invasive brain monitoring required for epilepsy surgery to learn about tinnitus
Tapping the highly specialized expertise of a brain research lab at the University of Iowa, researchers have taken advantage of a rare opportunity to record directly from the brain of a person with tinnitus in order to find the brain networks responsible for this often debilitating condition.
Woman holding up sign in front of Old Capitol

Phil’s Day’s 'Senior Year'

Fourth annual Phil's Day makes philanthropy highly visible
There’s no other day during the school year when philanthropy is more visible on the University of Iowa campus than on Phil’s Day, Thursday, April 30. The fourth annual Phil's Day marks—literally—the impact of private gifts on UI facilities, programs, and people.
Research Assistants Yani Chen and Melissa Kurtz in Mary Wilson’s lab.

The Loop Got big data?

What can one researcher do with a terabyte of raw data? The Bioinformatics Division of the Iowa Institute of Human Genetics (IIHG) helps researchers across the university analyze, reduce, and focus large data sets to further their research.

students working together in the college of public health

UI to offer bachelor's degree in public health

First Regents institution with undergraduate public health major
Beginning fall 2016, the University of Iowa will offer bachelor’s degrees in public health, the first Board of Regents institution to offer an undergraduate major in the field. The degree program is expected to help meet Iowa’s need for public health trained professionals who can directly support citizens’ health.
Iowa Now Minute - 4/23/15

Iowa Now Minute - 4/23/15

Roundup of UI activities, research, public engagement, and campus life
This week on Iowa Now Minute features The Bachelor, a shark, and a top 10 draft pick.