Donna Bohlmann looks over an online course assignment with Courtney Durst, a senior at Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont High School.

Iowa Farmer Today Rural teachers, students seek AP classes

Small schools in rural communities often have a hard time finding enough students and teachers to offer Advanced Placement (AP) classes. In Iowa, the state has worked to deal with the problem by offering online AP classes through the UI College of Education’s Belin-Blank Center.

 Tai D. Matthews leads a lesson on ancient Greece in her 6th grade humanities class at the Paterson (N.J.) Academy for the Gifted and Talented

Education Week Poorest students often miss out on gifted education

STEM-talented middle school students in 11 high-poverty districts in rural Iowa are participating in the UI Belin-Blank Center’s STEM Excellence and Leadership program that will build a pipeline to high school AP courses.  Economically-vulnerable students often fall through the cracks without specialized programming, according to center director Susan Assouline.

New studies contradict earlier findings on Rett syndrome

UI neuroscientist Andrew Pieper and colleagues at three other universities, show that bone marrow transplant does not rescue mouse models of Rett syndrome, a severe neurological disease that affects very young girls. The findings directly contradict seemingly promising results published in 2012, which initiated a clinical trial for human patients.
Airbag inflator

The Gazette UI's Butler explains science behind recent airbag recall

University of Iowa provost and engineering professor P. Barry Butler, who hasn't been involved in the recall, was part of a team that worked with General Motors and Ford a decade ago on passenger air bag inflators. They created software to model combustion of the propellant, he said.

KGAN Explaining the pink premium

University of Iowa marketing professor Alice Wang explains why companies charge higher prices for the exact same product when marketed at women than when they're marketed at men. 

Grants Abel awarded $4 million to study heart failure and diabetes

E. Dale Abel, director of the Fraternal Order of Eagles Diabetes Research Center at the University of Iowa, has been awarded two separate grants totaling $4 million from the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute to study the connection between diabetes, obesity, and heart failure.
man lying in bed using a tablet device

Improve your sleep efficiency

UI faculty and staff invited to participate in free sleep program
Counting sheep isn't putting you to sleep? Not getting enough shut-eye is recognized as a major public health issue. That's why the UI Employee Assistance Program is offering a new, free program for faculty and staff called SHUTi, or Sleep Healthy Using the Internet.

Trends in Biotechnology UI's Ozbolat discusses current state of bioprinting technology

Although current technology shows a great deal of promise for bioprinting at organ-level complexity, many hurdles remain before the goal of printing functional organs can be realized, writes Ibrahim Ozbolat, assistant professor of mechanical and industrial engineering in the University of Iowa College of Engineering.

Graduating seniors reflect on their faculty mentors

Professors' guidance pays off

Graduating seniors reflect on their faculty mentors
Three UI graduating seniors sat down with their mentors to reflect on their four years at Iowa.