Honors UI students win $25K from Iowa Economic Development Authority for startup business

University of Iowa student Eric Pahl and recent graduate Dalton Shaull recently won $25,000 from the Iowa Economic Development Authority for their startup business, called Organizer. Shaull was motivated to start the project after watching his friend fight off a disease as he waited for a transplant.
man speaking with daughter at race track

200 laps, 500 miles, 1 important cause

Former champion Buddy Lazier qualifies for 2016 Indy 500, will again raise awareness for the UI Stephen A. Wynn Institute for Vision Research
Buddy Lazier's No. 4 Indy 500 car, emblazoned with a Tigerhawk logo, will raise awareness for the University of Iowa's Wynn Institute for Vision Research during the race on May 29. The cause is close to Lazier's heart: His daughter suffers from severe glaucoma.
activity in an operating room

Medicine Iowa Motion-sensing tools deployed in war on pathogens

By employing a video game system’s computer vision in a hospital room, a University of Iowa research team is pioneering an automated approach to track interactions between health care workers and patients, capturing previously elusive data to support the work of hospital epidemiologists.

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Attention, please!

UI education faculty using interactive technology to help K-12 teachers improve student behavior
UI education faculty members are using interactive technology to help K-12 teachers improve students' behavior in the classroom.

Traveling orthopedic surgeons improve rural care

Study finds outreach clinics significantly increase access to orthopedic care
Most rural hospitals lack full-time orthopedists, but a new study from the University of Iowa finds that visiting consultant clinics (VCCs) staffed by visiting orthopedic surgeons from larger communities can improve patient access to orthopedic care by up to 50 percent.
bill bryson at commencement

'I love Iowa'

Best-selling author Bill Bryson may return to the UI to research his next book
Best-selling author Bill Bryson returned to his home state to receive an honorary degree from the University of Iowa. Bryson offered advice and commentary during a campus tour.
young man studying in a booth

Financial status affects success of students with learning disabilities

UI study finds students with means to pay for special accommodations perform better than those with fewer resources
A new University of Iowa study found that only one third of undergraduates from 11 universities who reported having a learning disability were receiving accommodations.

The Gazette 'Iowa universities see more graduates, high achievers'

The University of Iowa announced a record 14 students and alumni have landed Fulbright U.S. Student Program grants to conduct research, attend graduate school, pursue creative work, or serve as English teaching assistants overseas in the 2016–17 season. That total tops last year’s record-breaking tally of 13 UI Fulbright placements.

Private toilets still best in preventing diarrhea.

SciDev.Net 'Shared toilets increase diarrhea risk for children'

Children under five face an increased risk of contracting diarrhea when they share a toilet with just one or two other households, a University of Iowa study has found. The study shows private toilets are still the best option in the global battle to improve sanitation facilities in developing countries.