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International Programs Studying abroad could give you an edge in the job market

Want to impress an employer during an interview? A story about tackling the language barrier during your study-abroad experience in Spain could very well have your interviewer going from apathetic to absorbed. It doesn't hurt that the story showcases valuable skills at the same time.

Honors UI India Winterim program honored for innovation in international education

The UI India Winterim study abroad program received the 2016 Institute of International Education Andrew Heiskell Award for Innovation in International Education. This year marks the 10-year anniversary of the India Winterim program, with over 1,000 students and faculty participating since its inauguration.
University of Iowa chemists led by Amnon Kohen have unraveled the chemistry underlying how some deadly diseases, such as tuberculosis, produce thymine, a DNA base critical for these diseases to survive and reproduce. The team found these diseases use a di

UI chemists uncover how key agent allows diseases to reproduce

Findings could lead to non-toxic drugs that block diseases’ chemistry
University of Iowa chemists have revealed the chemistry behind how certain diseases, from anthrax to tuberculosis, replicate. The key lies in the function of a gene absent in humans, called thyX, and its ability to catalyze the DNA building block thymine. Results published in the journal 'Science.'

Iowa Public Radio River to River Low-tech solutions provide breakthrough for UI professor

In much of the developing world, fossil fuels and electricity are too expensive to be options for cooking. Instead, people there use wood burning stoves that create environmental impacts of their own, including desertification of the forests that supply the wood, and soot released when the wood doesn't burn completely.

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Universe's birth just a detection away

UI researchers design and build high-energy detector to learn about hot plasma after the Big Bang
A high-energy physics group, led by Yasar Onel and Jane Nachtman at the University of Iowa, has designed and built a sub-detector to better understand what happened immediately after the universe's birth. The Zero Degree Calorimeter measures particles' shower, which mimics hot plasma created right after the Big Bang.
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UI students attend global climate meeting

Four students and a faculty member will report from the COP 21 meeting in Paris
University of Iowa students and faculty are attending the global climate talks this month in Paris. Four students from three colleges and a faculty member in engineering will further their research and report on what they see and learn at the COP 21 meeting.

With an eye toward greater efficiency

UI students to help vision clinic in India expand services for poor patients
A team of University of Iowa students will visit India in January to help a world-renowned eye doctor provide vision care and cataract surgery to more poor patients.