Health Care

UI research contradicts conventional wisdom about retinal diabetic neuropathy

Finding shows sequence of events is opposite of what was long believed to be true
For many years, scientists believed diabetic patients developed retinopathy and, as a result of damage to the eye’s blood vessels, later developed neuropathy. In this new study, however, researchers discovered that the sequence of events is just the opposite.
sandy boyd standing in front of old cap

Thanking Sandy

Looking back on Sandy Boyd's six-decade career at UI on his retirement
Willard "Sandy" Boyd arrived at the University of Iowa in 1954 and served as professor, provost, and president. Few have left as great a mark on the university as he has in his six decades of service.
images of cells

Grow those dendrites

UI biologists show how brain cells get the message to develop a signaling network
UI biologists have homed in on the genes that tell brain cells to grow the tendrils critical for passing messages throughout the body. In a new study, they report certain genes in nearby neurons need to be exact matches in order for the signaling branches to grow properly.

Honors UI professor one of world's most influential ophthalmologists

Edwin Stone, professor of ophthalmology and visual sciences at the University of Iowa and is the director of the Wynn Institute of Vision Research, was named in "The Ophthalmologist’s" 2016 Power List of the world's 100 most influential people in ophthalmology.
equipment with cords

Giving a voice to patients who can't speak

UI invention allows impaired patients to communicate with health care providers
A University of Iowa spinout company that invented a device allowing physically impaired patients to communicate with health care providers expects to launch its product this summer after receiving significant investor interest during clinical trials.

Grants Sigmund receives NIH grant to study blood vessel health

Researchers at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, have been awarded a four-year $2.48 million NIH grant to study a molecular pathway that appears to protect blood vessels from damage caused by cardiovascular stressors, including high-fat diet and aging.
young man in classroom setting

UI recognizes top student employee

Nine other students will be recognized at Presidential Luncheon
Kasra Zarei, a third-year biomedical engineering major and research assistant at the Wynn Institute, is this year's University of Iowa student employee of the year.
Mucus on the surface of pig airway tissue

A new insight into cystic fibrosis

UI researchers find a cause of abnormally thick, sticky mucus
Abnormally thick and sticky mucus is a major medical issue for people with cystic fibrosis (CF). UI researchers have shown that part of the problem may be caused by the acidity of the liquid covering CF patients’ airways.

How do you reach out to autistic children in rural Iowa?

UI study shows telemedicine has a lot to offer
With telemedicine, families who have limited access to doctors will be able to connect with their health care provider without causing a big disruption to their child’s routine.

UI study discovers link between cancer and autism

Patients with autism have increased mutations in genes that drive cancer but decreased rates of cancer
University of Iowa researchers have shown that patients diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have more cancer-promoting oncogenes but lower rates of cancer.