Health Care

UI Health Care announces leadership structure change

UI Health Care will change its leadership structure on Feb. 15, 2016. The new leadership structure will combine two existing positions, those of University of Iowa vice president for medical affairs and dean of the UI Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine, into a single position.
dancers and children working together

A year-round undertaking 'For the Kids'

24-hour Big Event caps months of Dance Marathon activity
Dance Marathon 22 culminated with the Big Event Feb. 5–6. It all takes a tremendous amount of planning, preparation, and fundraising—and everyone involved works 365 days “For the Kids,” or FTK. Here’s a look at events, milestones, and interactions that took place throughout this academic year.
bacteria (Pseudomonas aeruginosa) on the surface of a CF-affect airway.

A cystic fibrosis mystery solved

UI study identifies protein that causes problems for CF lungs
A University of Iowa study has answered why mice with cystic fibrosis gene mutations don’t develop the life-threatening lung disease. The researchers also identified a proton pump called ATP12A as a potential target for new CF therapies.
University of Iowa chemists led by Amnon Kohen have unraveled the chemistry underlying how some deadly diseases, such as tuberculosis, produce thymine, a DNA base critical for these diseases to survive and reproduce. The team found these diseases use a di

UI chemists uncover how key agent allows diseases to reproduce

Findings could lead to non-toxic drugs that block diseases’ chemistry
University of Iowa chemists have revealed the chemistry behind how certain diseases, from anthrax to tuberculosis, replicate. The key lies in the function of a gene absent in humans, called thyX, and its ability to catalyze the DNA building block thymine. Results published in the journal 'Science.'
Cancer cells merging together over 55 hours

Cancer riddle, solved

University of Iowa researchers reveal how cancer cells form tumors
Using real-time recording of cellular movement, biologists at the University of Iowa have discovered how tumors form. Cancer cells reach out and grab other cells, and as little as 5 percent cancerous cells are needed for tumor formation. Findings could lead to more precise cancer testing.
faculty portraits from dare to discover campaign

Office of Research and Economic Development Dare to Discover campaign launches

Have you noticed the banners throughout downtown Iowa City? In January 2016, the Office of Research and Economic Development launched a Dare to Discover campaign showcasing researchers, scholars, and creators from across the University of Iowa. The campaign website shares the stories behind the personal faces of discovery and creativity.