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Star light, star bright, may not be meteorite

Retired UI professor Ray Anderson holds up a piece of rock that someone thought was a meteor

Retired UI geophysics professor Ray Anderson says farmers bring him a lot of rocks they think might be meteorites, but they turn out to be "meteor-wrongs." Story from: Iowa Farmer Today

Iowa Farmer Today

All in a day on Saturn

Science Daily: All in a day on Saturn

UI undergraduate student Tim Kennelly has discovered that a process occurring in Saturn's magnetosphere is linked to the planet's seasons and changes with them, a finding that helps clarify the length of a Saturn day and could alter our understanding of Earth's magnetosphere. Story from: Science Daily

Science Daily

UI-led team confirms 'gusty winds' in space turbulence

A solar prominence erupts into the sun's atmosphere, or corona. Credit: NASA.

Why is the atmosphere of the sun far hotter than the surface of the sun? The answer, scientists believe, lies in the concept of turbulence, a phenomenon directly measured in the laboratory for the first time by a research team led by the University of Iowa. Story

AR12: Continuing to explore

An artist's rendering shows the twin Radiation Belt Storm Probes (RBSP) satellites in tandem orbit above the Earth

The University of Iowa’s proud history of space exploration continues to the present day, with the UI having been a part of 65 space exploration missions, including the current Van Allen Probes mission. Story

Kletzing describes 'chorus' from space


Astrophysicist Craig Kletzing describes the "chorus" from outer space recorded by NASA probe. Story from: NPR

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