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UI professor: What's on the screen affects baby and toddler language

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The UI College of Education's Deborah Linebarger says screen media can be a tool for learning for infants and toddlers, if parents pick the right programs. Linebarger presented her most recent study over the weekend at the American Psychological Association's annual convention. Story from: USA Today

USA Today

UI expert investigates decline in screenings for expectant moms

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Sandy Daack-Hirsch, an assistant professor in the UI College of Nursing, is investigating the decline in parents not choosing an elective screening for expectant moms that can detect a host of health problems their baby may face. Story from: KCCI


Infants learn to look and look to learn

A baby looks at a toy set of keys

Researchers at the University of Iowa have explained how infants learn by looking, and the crucial role these activities play in how infants gain knowledge. Their computer model of babies aged 6 weeks to one year shows how infants use looking to create knowledge and to sear that knowledge into memory. The model also explains how infants' looking and learning changes as they develop. Results appear in the journal "Cognitive Science." Story

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