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UI experts help decode the neuroscience of fear and fearlessness

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A University of Iowa team showed that the amygdala is not the only gatekeeper of fear in the human mind in a paper published recently in the journal Nature Neuroscience. Story from: Psychology Today

Psychology Today

UI study discovers internal trigger for panic attack in the previously fearless


John Wemmie, a UI neuroscientist, shares insights from an experiment on how SM, a woman with a rare illness that damaged her amygdala and left her unafraid, recently experienced a panic attack, which may have practical value in the study of panic attacks. Story from: The New York Times

The New York Times

Human brain is divided on fear and panic

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Researchers at the University of Iowa say the human brain has a new, second gatekeeper that registers fear. The region, perhaps the brainstem, diencephalon or insular cortex, signals fear from internal dangers. The finding could lead to more precise treatment for people suffering from panic attacks and other anxiety disorders. Results appear in "Nature Neuroscience." Story

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