Cancer cells merging together over 55 hours

Cancer riddle, solved

University of Iowa researchers reveal how cancer cells form tumors
Using real-time recording of cellular movement, biologists at the University of Iowa have discovered how tumors form. Cancer cells reach out and grab other cells, and as little as 5 percent cancerous cells are needed for tumor formation. Findings could lead to more precise cancer testing.
presentation of Healthy Iowa Award

Health matters at the UI

The University of Iowa has been recognized with a Healthy Iowa Award
The University of Iowa was among nine recipients June 18 of the Healthy Iowa Award given each year by the Iowa Department of Public Health and the Healthiest State Initiative.

UI researchers find ending Medicaid dental benefit costly

Study of California’s program found trips to the emergency room increased
An UI study finds states gain little when dropping adult dental coverage. Researchers say adults in California made 1,800 more hospital visits annually for dental care after losing the benefit. California spent $2.9 million each year, 68 percent more before eliminating the benefit. Results in the journal Health Affairs.
students working together in the college of public health

UI to offer bachelor's degree in public health

First Regents institution with undergraduate public health major
Beginning fall 2016, the University of Iowa will offer bachelor’s degrees in public health, the first Board of Regents institution to offer an undergraduate major in the field. The degree program is expected to help meet Iowa’s need for public health trained professionals who can directly support citizens’ health.
Sara Sullivan works out at the UI

UI employees: Healthier, more productive

'Live Well' report shows employee health gains help manage costs
University of Iowa employees who participated in university-sponsored health initiatives last year report healthier eating, lower work absenteeism and greater productivity on the job, factors that have helped keep health-insurance premiums at the same level for a third consecutive year, according to the UI's "liveWell” 2014 annual report.

UI expert testifies before presidential 21st century policing panel

Sandra Ramey proposes nationwide initiative to improve police health and wellness
Sandra Ramey, a police health expert in the UI College of Nursing, proposed a national intervention program to improve police officer health, before President Obama's Task Force on 21st Century Policing, which met in Washington on Monday.
John and Mary Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building

UI dedicates $126 million biomedical hub

John and Mary Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building houses research from diabetes to heart and lung diseases
The University of Iowa ushered in a new age of accelerated research in biomedicine with the formal opening on Wednesday of the $126 million John and Mary Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building. The 256,000-square-foot building on the UI health sciences campus will house “high-risk, high-reward” research in diabetes, deafness, and brain science as well as complex diseases affecting the heart and lungs.
Dust mite illustration

Researchers create vaccine for dust-mite allergies

Vaccine reduced lung inflammation to allergens in lab and animal tests
University of Iowa researchers have created a vaccine for dust-mite allergies. In lab tests and animal trials, the nano-sized vaccine package was readily absorbed by immune cells and dramatically lowered allergic responses. Results appear in the AAPS Journal.
Grain bin safety demonstration

Trapped in grain

Media Advisory: University of Iowa hosts grain silo rescue demonstration as part of agricultural safety sessions
The University of Iowa hosts a grain silo rescue demonstration to promote greater safety in agricultural and farming. A professional will climb into a simulated silo filled with grain and demonstrate a potential real-life situation in which a person needs to be rescued from an avalanche of flowing grain. The simulation is Monday, June 9, at 5 p.m. at the UI College of Public Health.