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Iowa Now Minute 4/11/2014

IowaNow Minute 4/11/2014Watch Iowa Now Minute, a weekly recap of the top stories at the University of Iowa.

See a roundup of recent University of Iowa activities, research, public engagement, and campus life in Iowa Now Minute 4/11/2014. Video

Media Advisory: Public Policy Center to hold 'What If?' series

The Public Policy Center at the University of Iowa is marking its 25th year by holding a series of policy discussions, called "What If?" At each forum, researchers will examine different hypothetical scenarios and their unintended consequences, and present relevant research. The sessions, open to the media and the public, are held each Tuesday evening from April 8 to April 29 in the Iowa City Public Library. Story

Obermann Center to host Health Humanities Symposium April 4 to 5

The UI Obermann Center for Advanced Studies will hold a working symposium, Health Humanities: Building the Future of Research and Teaching, April 4 and 5. From music therapy to finding well-being through the written word, organizers hope the two-day series of events will allow attendees to build bridges across the arts, humanities and health sciences, offering "incalcuable benefits." Story

Healthy food is good for you–and can sell, too

baby carrotts and celery sticks in a popcorn concession tray

You don't just need to rely on hot dogs and pizza to make a buck at concession stands. A study led by the University of Iowa examined sales, revenues, and profits at a booster-run concession stand in Iowa that offered healthy food items, from apples to string cheese, over a full season. The club registered stable sales and revenue, while profits remained intact. Results appear in the Journal of Public Health. Story

Workers, get up and move

officer seated in car, writing a ticket

A new UI study shows that police officers move as much on the job as someone holding a baby or washing dishes. The finding comes from police wearing armbands that monitored their physical activity. Results appear in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Story

Iowa dentist survey examines access, Medicaid participation

An estimated 120,000 new adults are projected to be eligible for dental care through the Iowa Health and Wellness Plan under the Affordable Care Act. As a step toward helping Iowa dentists prepare and adapt, the University of Iowa’s Public Policy Center and College of Dentistry conducted a survey late last year to investigate access to dental care in Iowa, assess capacity, and identify gaps in the system. Story

UI study examines Affordable Care Act awareness in Iowa

Small businesses in Iowa are less knowledgeable than larger businesses about the Affordable Care Act, according to a new study conducted by the UI's Public Policy Center, in collaboration with the Iowa Department of Public Health, the state Health Insurance Marketplace Interagency Workgroup on Health Care Reform, and the UI College of Public Health. Story

Staph stoppers

University of Iowa researchers have developed a new vaccine that protects against lethal pneumonia caused by Staphylococcus aureus (staph) bacteria, including drug-resistant strains like MRSA. The new vaccine, tested in animal models, works by targeting the toxins secreted by staph bacteria. Results appear in the Journal of Infectious Disease. Story

Firm with UI ties secures capital commitment

A gene-therapy company created in part from research at the University of Iowa has obtained a $50 million capital commitment to move forward with its gene-therapy research. Spark Therapeutics, LLC was created in part from research by UI internal medicine professor Beverly Davidson. Story

A happy patient is well connected to a doctor

The happiest patients are those who have regular contact with their doctors. A University of Iowa study finds that VA patients who have established "continuity of care" with primary-care physician are most satisfied with their treatment. The study comes as the American health care system moves to a more team-based approach to care, known as patient-centered medical home. Results appear in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. Story


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