global warming

global warming

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Symposium addresses adapting to extreme weather in Iowa

A symposium co-sponsored by the University of Iowa will examine the challenges and costs the state of Iowa faces in adapting to extreme weather. Speakers at the Dec. 11 event in Des Moines include scientists and the heads of the state departments of transportation, natural resources, agriculture, and other agencies. Story

Hard rain

rain drops hitting a puddle of water

Heavy rains have been more frequent across the upper Midwest, according to a study from the University of Iowa. The study spanned the last 60 years, up to 2010 and appears to hold true even with the current drought. Results appear in the "Journal of Climate." Story

The laws of global warming

photo illustration of world map inside a test tube

A University of Iowa law professor believes the legal ramifications of geo-engineering need to be thought through in advance and a global governance structure put in place soon to oversee these efforts. Story

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