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brain development

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Being born a few weeks early may affect learning and behavior

mother with infant and doctor

New UI research has found that children born just a few weeks prematurely have more social, behavioral, and academic problems than children born at full term. Story from: Psych Central

Psych Central

Faulty development of immature brain cells causes hydrocephalus

University of Iowa scientists have discovered a new cause of neonatal hydrocephalus. The team discovered that cell-signaling defects disrupt immature brain cells involved in normal brain development. Treatment with lithium bypasses the defect in mice and reduces the hydrocephalus. Story

UI researcher discovers living at high altitude tied to developmental delay


George Wehby, a researcher in the UI College of Public Health, discovered South American babies and toddlers living at high altitude were more likely to score poorly on early tests of brain development in a recently published study in the Journal of Pediatrics. Story from: Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune

UI team will study brain development in teens at genetic risk for alcoholism

Scientists at the University of Iowa are studying brain development in adolescent children who have a genetic risk for developing alcohol use-related problems due to having a family history of alcoholism. Story

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