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Full partner

For seven decades, Susan Boyd has been as much a part of UI life as Sandy
Though Sandy Boyd’s accomplishments have been many, his wife, Susan, made her own impact on the life and the history of the University of Iowa. Maybe more so, says Sandy.
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Thanking Sandy

Looking back on Sandy Boyd's six-decade career at UI on his retirement
Willard "Sandy" Boyd arrived at the University of Iowa in 1954 and served as professor, provost, and president. Few have left as great a mark on the university as he has in his six decades of service.

Des Moines Register Making insurance careers sexy to millennials

Thomas Berry-Stoelzel, professor of finance in the Tippie College of Business and director of the Vaughan Institute of Insurance and Risk Management, helps analyze how the insurance profession can attract more millennials. 

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Giving a voice to patients who can't speak

UI invention allows impaired patients to communicate with health care providers
A University of Iowa spinout company that invented a device allowing physically impaired patients to communicate with health care providers expects to launch its product this summer after receiving significant investor interest during clinical trials.
Conor Paulsen is the CEO of GentelmenCare.

Big year for UI student's menswear business

GentlemenCare exceeds revenue goals
West Branch native Conor Paulsen founded and runs a company that sells men's leather goods and encourages gentleman-like behavior. It’s going rather well.

Some mutual funds aren't so mutually beneficial

UI researcher finds mutual-fund management practice costs investors millions
Mutual-fund investors are losing hundreds of millions of dollars in annual returns because of a potential conflict of interest in their fund’s management—one they probably don’t even know about—according to a newly published paper by a University of Iowa researcher.
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Bringing the Old Capitol to the State Capitol

Hawkeye Caucus paints Des Moines rotunda black and gold
Hawkeye Caucus Day brings 85 University of Iowa students representing 50 UI programs to the State Capitol in Des Moines to shake hands and exchange ideas with state legislators.

Employee benefits: buoy or anvil?

Better benefits packages can increase a startup's growth. Or sink it.
A new study from the University of Iowa finds that startup companies typically see significant growth once they’ve offered a beefed-up employee-benefits package, unless they offer it too soon, when the costs are so overwhelming it slows growth and may even force the company out of business.

Giving a jump to electric cars

UI competition to help Alliant Energy meet sustainability goals by encouraging electric-vehicle use
Alliant Energy wants more drivers to consider buying electric vehicles in order to decrease greenhouse-gas emissions and is turning to business students at the University of Iowa and other Iowa universities for help.