College of Public Health

Lecture Committee announces spring lineup

The University of Iowa Lecture Committee will kick off its spring semester lecture series Tuesday, Feb. 9, with Ben Plesser, a senior producer for NBC News.
boy with visceral leishmaniasis

From mother to child, passing on disease

UI researchers warn doctors about two vector-born diseases that can be passed from mother to child
UI researchers are reminding U.S. doctors to watch for two vector-borne and potentially life-threatening diseases that can be passed from mother to child. Though Chagas' disease and Leishmaniasis are generally found in other parts of the world, global travel and migration have made the U.S. vulnerable.
baby in NICU

When it comes to newborns, age matters

UI researchers find a metabolic profile derived from routine newborn screenings can determine how many weeks a mother has carried her baby
Knowing how many weeks a mother has carried her baby is important information when determining medical care for that child. Now, UI researchers have found they can estimate an infants's gestation age through a metabolic profile derived from routine newborn screenings.

UI recognized for excellence in pain education

NIH selects university to help improve pain education for health professional students
The UI is one of  11 Centers for Excellence in Pain Education selected by the National Institutes of Health Pain Consortium. The  centers will help improve pain education for undergraduate and graduate health professional students. 

UI College of Public Health announces Community Grant Program recipients

Funds from the UI College of Public Health's new Community Grant Program, in conjunction with an equal cash match from another organization or business, will be used for public health-related initiatives and projects in the recipient communities.

With an eye toward greater efficiency

UI students to help vision clinic in India expand services for poor patients
A team of University of Iowa students will visit India in January to help a world-renowned eye doctor provide vision care and cataract surgery to more poor patients.

STAT Curry urges crackdown on glamorization of e-cigs

Sue Curry, dean of the University of Iowa College of Public Health and professor in the Department of Health Management and Policy, says there should be a crackdown on ads glamorizing electronic cigarettes.

various scenes from university of iowa academic endeavors

Academic Panoramic: Snapshots of the UI student experience

In order to see the full academic picture found at the University of Iowa, you’ll need to look in all directions. Academic Panoramic provides a look at a cross section of the UI educational experience, from philanthropy and public health to theatre arts and sports analytics.