College of Public Health

KCRG UI helping school districts create 'smarter lunchrooms'

Lunchrooms in five school districts across the state look a little different after students, food service workers and UI researchers made changes to promote healthy eating. The idea is to let students help redesign cafeterias to put healthier choices like fruits and vegetables up front.

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Full partner

For seven decades, Susan Boyd has been as much a part of UI life as Sandy
Though Sandy Boyd’s accomplishments have been many, his wife, Susan, made her own impact on the life and the history of the University of Iowa. Maybe more so, says Sandy.
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Thanking Sandy

Looking back on Sandy Boyd's six-decade career at UI on his retirement
Willard "Sandy" Boyd arrived at the University of Iowa in 1954 and served as professor, provost, and president. Few have left as great a mark on the university as he has in his six decades of service.
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Are money problems and violence related?

UI researchers find that the cause and effect of domestic abuse is more complicated
UI researchers find an association between financials stress and severe domestic abuse, but the discovery doesn't prove one leads to the other.
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How do you get high school students to eat better?

Partnership with Iowa high schools empowers students
The University of Iowa Public Policy Center, the College of Public Health, the Iowa Department of Education, and five high schools across the state have teamed up to help students make healthier school-lunch choices by empowering them to assess and change their lunchrooms.
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Bringing the Old Capitol to the State Capitol

Hawkeye Caucus paints Des Moines rotunda black and gold
Hawkeye Caucus Day brings 85 University of Iowa students representing 50 UI programs to the State Capitol in Des Moines to shake hands and exchange ideas with state legislators.
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State Health Registry issues 'Cancer in Iowa' report

2016 edition highlights cancer incidence rates in adolescents and young adults
"2016 Cancer in Iowa," a report released March 30, predicts an estimated 16,600 new cancers will be diagnosed this year among Iowa residents.

24 UI colleges and graduate programs in national top 25

Latest rankings from ‘U.S. News & World Report’ released March 16
Twenty-four graduate colleges and programs at the University of Iowa are listed among the 25 best in the nation, according to the latest rankings from "U.S. News & World Report."
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Teaching community outreach

The UI to partner with Mason City, east-central Iowa communities on sustainability initiatives
UI faculty and students will partner with Mason City and a five-county region in east-central Iowa on community-betterment projects ranging from art to urban revitalization. The Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities will lead the effort, which will take place during the 2016–17 academic year.
UI researchers find domestic violence doubles risk of premature birth

The Guardian Domestic violence 'doubles risk of premature birth'

Domestic violence during pregnancy doubles the risk of pre-term birth and low birth weight, according to a study. UI Researchers also found that domestic violence, which includes physical, sexual, financial, psychological, or emotional abuse, slightly increased the risk of a baby being small for gestational age.