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How the Iowa Flood Center got its grant

UI center turned to nontraditional federal agency to help protect Iowa against floods, improve water quality
The Iowa Flood Center at the University of Iowa approached a nontraditional partner for a grant to better protect the state against floods and improve water quality. The decision paid off: The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development awarded $97 million to the Iowa Watershed Approach.
UI Engineering professor Fatima Toor (right) and her student researchers Logan Nichols, left, and Wenqi Duan, center, discuss the results of a photo they took using an infrared camera. Toor is developing an inexpensive device to test for particular types

Solar cells show promise for cancer testing

UI engineer creates startup to explore manufacturing, marketing the product
Advanced Silicon Technology is a semifinalist in the SPIE Startup Challenge, a prestigious startup competition. University of Iowa professor Fatima Toor will travel to San Francisco Feb. 13 through 18 to present the company to contest officials.
UI graduate students help at Lincoln Elementary School's Hollywood STEAM Day.

Iowa City Press-Citizen UI participates in Hollywood STEAM Day at Lincoln Elementary School

Lincoln Elementary hosted its Hollywood STEAM Day, featuring rooms throughout the school dedicated to teaching students, and parents, how science, technology, engineering, and math interact with art and Hollywood movies. UI faculty and graduate students from several different departments and colleges participated in the event.

KCRG TV Cutting-edge robot designed with brain surgeons in mind

Three University of Iowa computer engineering students created a cutting-edge robot, made for when patients are under the knife. The idea came from a UI doctor who said for years brain surgeons have faced a major annoyance in the operating room.