College of Engineering

Kyle Losik rides the ATV simulator

UI unveils new ATV virtual reality simulator

Researchers to study what causes off-road vehicle crashes
A new virtual reality simulator described as "a giant video game controller" will help University of Iowa researchers study how and why people lose control while driving all-terrain vehicles.

UI helps high school students hatch new business ideas

Program helps high school teachers encourage students to find new entrepreneurial avenues
A group of high school students in Pekin, Iowa, has started a rent-a-chicken business with help from a University of Iowa entrepreneurial education program that helps Iowa high school teachers encourage their students to use entrepreneurial principles to develop unique solutions to STEM problems.

UI scientists using sunlight, water to make clean energy

College of Engineering faculty member renews research agreement with California-based startup
University of Iowa researchers are working with a California-based startup company to develop a globally feasible, sustainable energy source.

Honors UI students win $25K from Iowa Economic Development Authority for startup business

University of Iowa student Eric Pahl and recent graduate Dalton Shaull recently won $25,000 from the Iowa Economic Development Authority for their startup business, called Organizer. Shaull was motivated to start the project after watching his friend fight off a disease as he waited for a transplant.
Diagram of car and different safety features

The Chicago Tribune My Car Does What? UI expert discusses public safety campaign

Dan McGehee, director of the Human Factors and Vehicle Safety research division at the University of Iowa Public Policy Center, discusses consumer uncertainty and a public-safety campaign aimed at improving driver awareness of the proliferation of advanced driver-assist systems in new cars.