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On Being Sherry Watt: Treating racism like we treat cancer

Sherry K. Watt, an associate professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs program in the UI College of Education, an African-American woman, and a two-time breast cancer survivor, ponders the question, "What would happen if we banded together to fight the disease of racism as we do cancer?

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The Chronicle of Higher Education Richer data on college applicants help the prospects of low-income students

Systematically providing selective colleges with detailed information about applicants’ high-school backgrounds could significantly raise the admission rates of low-income students, a new study concludes. Nicholas A. Bowman, director of the UI’s Center for Research on Undergraduate Education, recently co-presented the paper at an annual conference.

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Academic Panoramic: Snapshots of the UI student experience

In order to see the full academic picture found at the University of Iowa, you’ll need to look in all directions. Academic Panoramic provides a look at a cross section of the UI educational experience, from philanthropy and public health to theatre arts and sports analytics.
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Academic Panoramic: The technical art of teaching science

Education students develop strategies for engaging future scientists
"It is not enough anymore to simply lecture to students," says Sophia Klingenberger, a student in Instructional Issues in Teaching Science, a class offered at the new Kirkwood Regional Center at the University of Iowa. The course covers the most effective ways to engage youth in science.