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Glaucoma drug helps women with blinding disorder linked to obesity

A clinical trial conducted by University of Iowa researchers and colleagues across the U.S. and Canada found that combining a glaucoma drug with a low-sodium, weight-reduction diet is better at treating vision loss caused by idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH) than weight loss alone. Story

Protecting new neurons reduces depression caused by stress

Scientists probing the link between depression and a hormone that controls hunger have found the hormone's antidepressant activity is due to its ability to protect newborn neurons. The researchers also showed that a new class of neuroprotective molecules achieves the same effect and may represent a new approach for treating depression. Story

Aging brains on the job

Two demographic trends in Iowa—an aging population and workers staying on the job later in life—will have a significant impact for employers and employees in the years ahead. University of Iowa neuroscientist Steven Anderson will offer his perspective during an April 29 presentation in Des Moines. Story

UI named mentoring center for minority graduate students

Phillip Kutzko speaking with his class

The University of Iowa has been awarded $1.2 million to establish one of only five University Centers of Exemplary Mentoring in the nation. The three-year grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation recognizes the UI's long history of recruiting and educating minority students in STEM fields. Story

Schlievert comments on new bacterial genome study

flesh-eating bacteria binds to human cell

Patrick Schlievert, a UI microbiologist who first described flesh-eating bacteria in 1987, said a new study pinpointing the four mutations that changed the harmless organisms into gruesome infectious pathogens shows that future mutations will depend on gene movement. Story from: The Verge

The Verge

UI research connects green tomatoes, strong muscles

green tomato

According to new UI research, green tomatoes contain a compound that may help build muscle and protect against future muscle atrophy. Story from: Glamour


UI Hospitals and Clinics to celebrate transplant success

Comments from a NASCAR driver and a meeting between a heart transplant recipient and the family of her donor will highlight the annual Donate Life celebration at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics beginning at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, April 15. Story

Celebrating diversity catalysts

The UI Chief Diversity Office invites members of the campus and community to celebrate distinctive and innovative diversity contributions at the 15th annual Diversity Catalyst Award Reception Tuesday, April 15, in the Second Floor Ballroom of the Iowa Memorial Union. Story

Selfies can be bad for body self-image

Flip flops with the the word Facebook in blue and white

Researchers from the University of Iowa found that the more time women spent on Facebook, the more they are likely to pay attention to their physical appearance. They are also more likely to feel negative after viewing the photos of other people. Story from: Tech Times

Tech Times

Brenner urges caution in translating mouse study to human weight loss


The discovery of an enzyme that regulates the ability of cells to burn energy will not necessarily lead to weight-control treatments for humans: "One cannot be assured that this will be a totally healthy thing to do," says Charles Brenner, biochemistry and internal medicine professor. Story from:


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