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activity in an operating room

Medicine Iowa Motion-sensing tools deployed in war on pathogens

By employing a video game system’s computer vision in a hospital room, a University of Iowa research team is pioneering an automated approach to track interactions between health care workers and patients, capturing previously elusive data to support the work of hospital epidemiologists.

Traveling orthopedic surgeons improve rural care

Study finds outreach clinics significantly increase access to orthopedic care
Most rural hospitals lack full-time orthopedists, but a new study from the University of Iowa finds that visiting consultant clinics (VCCs) staffed by visiting orthopedic surgeons from larger communities can improve patient access to orthopedic care by up to 50 percent.
graphic of lung airways

UI researcher, lab play key roles in COPD study

COPD-like symptoms found in current, former smokers with no diagnosis
A University of Iowa–affiliated lab used an advanced CT scanner to detect COPD-like symptoms in individuals who didn’t present traditional signs of the disease. Read on to learn how the findings could lead to more effective methods of diagnosis and earlier treatment.

Honors Domann receives Distinguished Scientist Award

Frederick Domann, professor in the UI Carver College of Medicine, received a Distinguished Scientist Award from the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine at the organization's annual meeting April 2 through 6 in San Diego.

Study suggests bipolar disorder has genetic links to autism

Findings add to evidence of shared genetic susceptibility
A new study by researchers from the University of Iowa, the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory suggests there may be an overlap between rare genetic variations linked to bipolar disorder (BD) and those implicated in schizophrenia and autism.

Grants Boudreau named Carver Trust Young Investigator

Ryan Boudreau, UI assistant professor of internal medicine, has received a three-year, $438,657 Young Investigator award from the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust to investigate regulatory mechanisms that control when and where proteins are made within heart cells.
Mouse neuron

UI study may explain gene's role in major psychiatric disorders, suggest new treatments

Gene associated with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, autism, ADHD, and depression linked to brain-cell death in mice
A new study shows a genetic risk factor for five major psychiatric diseases may also be linked to the death of newborn brain cells. At the same time, it suggests a compound currently being developed for use in humans may have therapeutic value for these diseases.
University of Iowa College of Medicine Commencement - May 13, 2016

Video: Carver College of Medicine commencement ceremony

A video recording of the spring 2016 UI Carver College of Medicine commencement ceremony is now available for viewing. The event took place at 6:30 p.m. Friday, May 13.

UI research contradicts conventional wisdom about retinal diabetic neuropathy

Finding shows sequence of events is opposite of what was long believed to be true
For many years, scientists believed diabetic patients developed retinopathy and, as a result of damage to the eye’s blood vessels, later developed neuropathy. In this new study, however, researchers discovered that the sequence of events is just the opposite.