alex lodge portrait
Recent law grad Alex Lodge plans to combine academic backgrounds through chemistry/biotechnology patent prosecution
Alex Lodge, who holds a doctorate in chemistry and a juris doctor from the University of Iowa, says he’ll continue to draw on the lessons he learned from Iowa Law faculty who encouraged him to think beyond the outcome of a case.
Teresa Mangum portrait
Humanities scholars use unique interpretive tools to investigate topics from gerontology to genetics, criminology to cancer, women’s rights to war, race-related violence to utopian futures. Obermann Center director Teresa Mangum spotlights the humanities research happening across the UI campus.
infant sleeping
UI researchers believe sleep twitches may be linked to sensorimotor development
UI researchers suspect that sleep twitches in human infants are linked to sensorimotor development. Read on to learn how new parents can contribute to their study.
scouts with milkweed balls
College of Public Health spearheads milkweed seeding on cycling route
The UI College of Public Health is teaming up with RAGBRAI riders to help save the monarch butterfly. Riders will toss milkweed seed balls made by volunteers into roadside ditches and fields along the RAGBRAI route; milkweed is the only plant on which monarch butterflies will lay their eggs.
people standing before large video screens
As more units embraced the new Drupal Signage Service, the project team discovered a new, efficient way to power digital signs: small, reliable, and easy-to-maintain Intel Compute Sticks.
chipo chikomo
African entrepreneurs learn about business in the US during six-week State Department program at the UI
The University of Iowa is hosting 25 business leaders from Sub-Saharan African countries who want to learn more about how to run a business. Their goal isn’t just to earn a living; they want to change their communities for the better.
Model developed by UI researchers could improve 'Monday Night Football' schedules
UI researchers find that big-name quarterbacks and reigning Super Bowl champions make the biggest impact on Monday Night Football rankings, the Jacksonville Jaguars the least. Their other conclusion? Putting together a compelling football schedule is hard work.
artifacts from early farming community
Office of the State Archaeologist studying pre-contact Native American settlement on RAGBRAI route
Some of Iowa's first early farmers were a small group of Native Americans in southwest Iowa. The Glenwood people farmed individual plots for about 150 years until mysteriously vacating the region about A.D. 1350. The Office of the State Archaeologist at the UI is researching the group's past.
Building and museum will remain open during construction
Repair work is set to begin July 25 on the University of Iowa's most recognizable building: Old Capitol.
university of iowa seal
Why 'why' matters just as much as 'how'
President Bruce Harreld comments on Obermann Center director Teresa Mangum's recent essay about the value of the humanities and reiterates how important they are to the University of Iowa.
Undergraduate resident tuition increased by $250
The Board of Regents, State of Iowa, approved a $250 increase in tuition for resident undergraduate students for the fall of 2016, $50 less than the University of Iowa proposal.
UI physicist says current in one iron magnetic sheet can create quantized spin waves in another, separate sheet
A study by Michael Flatte proposes that a current in one iron magnetic sheet creates a current in a separate sheet. The finding could be important in the emerging field of spintronics, which seeks to channel energy from spin waves generated by electrons to create smaller, more energy-efficient electronic devices.