students in supplemental instruction session
Expanded study program helps students find success
Supplemental Instruction is a free, peer-driven resource that helps students figure out how to achieve in historically challenging courses.
UI Engineering professor Fatima Toor (right) and her student researchers Logan Nichols, left, and Wenqi Duan, center, discuss the results of a photo they took using an infrared camera. Toor is developing an inexpensive device to test for particular types
UI engineer creates startup to explore manufacturing, marketing the product
Advanced Silicon Technology is a semifinalist in the SPIE Startup Challenge, a prestigious startup competition. University of Iowa professor Fatima Toor will travel to San Francisco Feb. 13 through 18 to present the company to contest officials.
student with ipad/robot combo
UI College of Education unveils new collaborative high-tech space
Double Robots and Sphero Balls were just two of many new educational technologies featured in the Feb. 4 grand opening of the University of Iowa College of Education’s new high-tech, collaborative space in Lindquist Center North—a real "game-changer" in preparing 21st century educators.
UI center turned to nontraditional federal agency to help protect Iowa against floods, improve water quality
The Iowa Flood Center at the University of Iowa approached a nontraditional partner for a grant to better protect the state against floods and improve water quality. The decision paid off: The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development awarded $97 million to the Iowa Watershed Approach.
bobby mcferrin performing
Concert marks the end of Hancher’s post-flood journey
The UI’s Hancher will present vocalist Bobby McFerrin on Friday, Feb. 12, at 7:30 p.m. in the Riverside Casino and Golf Resort Event Center. The concert will be the final Hancher performance before the opening of the new Hancher Auditorium in the fall.
But a new UI study suggests some think they can
Publicly traded firms often issue earnings forecasts that miss the mark, and a new study from the University of Iowa suggests CEO overconfidence is the reason for the poor predictions.
As the UI moves forward with the Iowa Board of Regents’ TIER project, campus leaders are committed to keeping colleagues informed. Here's one example of how TIER is already at work on campus.
high-bay shelving
UI Libraries staff will move more than 1 million items to new location
The UI Libraries is equipping a new storage facility to house items that rarely circulate. To prepare for the move, items stored at the current Libraries Annex will be unavailable for retrieval beginning January 2016. However, users may access another copy of a stored item through UBorrow.
boy with visceral leishmaniasis
UI researchers warn doctors about two vector-born diseases that can be passed from mother to child
UI researchers are reminding U.S. doctors to watch for two vector-borne and potentially life-threatening diseases that can be passed from mother to child. Though Chagas' disease and Leishmaniasis are generally found in other parts of the world, global travel and migration have made the U.S. vulnerable.
bacteria (Pseudomonas aeruginosa) on the surface of a CF-affect airway.
UI study identifies protein that causes problems for CF lungs
A University of Iowa study has answered why mice with cystic fibrosis gene mutations don’t develop the life-threatening lung disease. The researchers also identified a proton pump called ATP12A as a potential target for new CF therapies.
University of Iowa chemists led by Amnon Kohen have unraveled the chemistry underlying how some deadly diseases, such as tuberculosis, produce thymine, a DNA base critical for these diseases to survive and reproduce. The team found these diseases use a di
Findings could lead to non-toxic drugs that block diseases’ chemistry
University of Iowa chemists have revealed the chemistry behind how certain diseases, from anthrax to tuberculosis, replicate. The key lies in the function of a gene absent in humans, called thyX, and its ability to catalyze the DNA building block thymine. Results published in the journal 'Science.'
Richard Fumerton portrait
Fumerton to deliver UI Presidential Lecture Feb. 28
Philosophy professor Richard Fumerton, selected to deliver the 33rd Annual Presidential Lecture, will address a topic people in this country, and many people elsewhere, are interested in: freedom.