Achievements: UI faculty, staff, students, and alumni making news

Achievements: UI faculty, staff, students, and alumni making news

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Offices and Awards

Lectures and Presentations


Offices and Awards


Patrick O’Shaughnessy, professor in the department of Occupational and Environmental Health, was named a Fellow of the American Industrial Hygiene Association during the annual conference in June.

Christopher Atchison, director of the University of Iowa Hygienic Lab, was named a 2014 member of the American Heart Association’s Commission of Consumer Health and Quality Coordinating Committee.


Rosaura Orengo-Aguayo, graduate student in the Department of Psychology, has received the 2014 Scott Mesh Honorary Grant for Research in Psychology from the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students. This grant will be used to help support Orengo- Aguayo's dissertation research.


Bettendorf dentists Drs. James A. Larsen and Carolyn Peters Larsen (DDS 1986) were presented with the Iowa Dental Association’s President’s Award for their service to the Iowa Dental Association and the profession of dentistry.

Both the Larsens, along with their dental team, have participated in numerous local philanthropic efforts, some of which include National Children’s Dental Health Month, Give Kids a Smile, and the Iowa Mission of Mercy.

George D. Kuh, (Ph.D. 1975, Higher Education and Student Development) the Chancellor’s Professor of Higher Education Emeritus at Indiana University-Bloomington and adjunct professor of higher education policy at the University of Illinois, received the honorary doctorate of humanities degree at Wofford College Commencement on May 18 in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Wendy Hochreiter (MSN ’10) and Nick Poch (MSN ’09), who both practice at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, were recently recognized as 2014 DAISY Award winners.

Created by the DAISY Foundation to honor extraordinary nurses, the DAISY Award is intended to ensure that nurses know how deserving they are of our society's profound respect for the education, training, brain power, and skill they put into their work, and especially for the compassion with which they deliver care.

Kristi Leonard (Master of Arts 2000, Student Development in Postsecondary Education), has been named as the Trustees' Outstanding Faculty Member for 2014 by the Waldorf College Board of Trustees.

Lectures and presentations


Keith Mueller, Ph.D. (Health Management and Policy) presented "The New 'Normal' Health System" to West Virginia Governance Forum in Stonewall, Virginia, on May 2.

Mueller also presented, "The Future of Healthcare: Affordable Care Act and Market Reforms" at the Western Flex Conference in Sante Fe, New Mexico on June 12.

Dr. Jennifer G. Robinson, (Epidemiology) was featured as a distinguished speaker on the faculty - live interactive online video CME summit“ Dyslipidemia Management 2014: Views on the News” presented by the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine on June 5.



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