Media advisory: Experts available to analyze impacts of 2008 financial crisis

Media advisory: Experts available to analyze impacts of 2008 financial crisis

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Several University of Iowa faculty are available to the media to discuss the economic impacts of the 2008 financial crisis, five years later.

David Mauer, professor of finance. Studies mortgage backed securities and the impact they had on the crisis, especially the impact of credit default swaps. 319-335-0944,

Robert Miller, professor of law. Studies securities law, corporate governance and regulation. He argues that the crisis was not caused by immoral behavior or a failure of regulation, but by a failure of corporate risk management and federal monetary policy. 917-402-3456,

Jim Leach, professor of law. A former member of Congress and chairman of the House Banking Committee, he helped to oversee regulation of the banking and finance industry before leaving the House after the 2006 elections. 319-335-9225,

Ty Leverty, associate professor of finance and researcher in the Vaughan Institute of Risk Management and Insurance. An insurance specialist who can discuss the crisis’ impacts on the insurance industry. 319-335-0963,

Kevin Leicht, professor of sociology. Studies the history of the middle class and the economic factors putting a squeeze on it. He has a book coming out in January called Middle Class Meltdown, which looks in part at how the 2008 crisis impacted the middle class. 319-335-2502, or

Nicolas Ziebarth, assistant professor economics. Studies similarities and differences between the 2008 crisis and the various crises of the Great Depression. 319-335-3810,

Jay Sa-Aadu, professor of finance and a real estate expert. 319-335-0930,

Joe Yockey, professor of law, who studies securities law and regulation. 319-335-9883,


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